Visitor Visa Canada Tourist Visa

Visitor Visa Canada Tourist Visa

Usually, Canada finds a place right at the top in the immigration destination. Think of the expanse of Canada, right from the breathtaking mountain peaks to secluded lakes; the beauty of the nation is unparalleled. Apart from the magnificent nature, the nation is clean, friendly, and safe. The country comprises of six time zones and spans over 9 million square km, attracting thousands of tourists all around the year.

Tourism is essential for every economy. In 2019, Canada recorded about 22.1 million tourists, breaking the 22 million mark. The vast nation has year-round travel options. It’s as popular in summer as it is in winter. Canada is a world-class skiing destination. The second-largest country varies in climate and terrain, providing various opportunities for a wide range of activities.

To enter Canada, individuals other than Permanent Residents and Canadian citizens must apply and procure a temporary residence visa. When you wish to visit Canada for a vacation, work, or study, you can apply for a visitor or tourist visa. If you’re planning to witness the pristine nature anytime in the future, Can Entry Immigration professionals can assist you in acquiring a tourist visa.

Visitor Visa Canada Tourist Visa
Visitor Visa Canada Tourist Visa

To apply for a Canadian visitor/tourist visa, you must meet the following requirements.

  • Submit an application for a visit visa to the Canadian visa office in your country
  • Attend an interview where the visa officer will verify:
  • Your reasons for visiting Canada
  • Your ability to leave Canada when the visa expires
  • Your admissibility to Canada

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At Can Entry Immigration, we understand that immigration could be a complex process when you are unaware of the laws and regulations. We are members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and have years of experience in successfully procuring visas for clients. We are one call away from taking the hassle out of processing your entire application. Our dedicated experts will professionally complete the required government forms on your behalf. For quality and cost-effective service, connect with us.

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