Atlantic Immigration Pilot Canada

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Canada

The pilot, launched in the year 2017, allows employers in Atlantic Canada to hire foreign workers who have proven skills in a specified field. At the same time, International graduates, willing to reside in Atlantic Canada can also apply for this program. The program gained quite a lot of success & the proven results have motivated the government to make it a permanent program. It will continue to the critical regional economic program & it is successful at completing the provincial nominee program in all the Atlantic Provinces.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Canada
Atlantic Immigration Pilot Canada

The designation of an employer to apply for Atlantic Immigration Pilot:

  • Firstly, the individual needs to fill up the whole-time job vacancy contacts at the provincial immigration office to express interest.
  • Employers generally get in touch with a single point of contact & remain committed to creating their work to welcome newcomers.
  • The employer needs to apply to the province to become a designated employer.
  • Atlantic province is responsible for designating the employer.
  • The employer gets in touch with a recruit that meets the requirement of the initial program.
  • The program is based on the assessment allowing them to seal the job.

Ways to Qualify

To qualify, an individual should have experience for at least a solitary year full time in a skilled profession. As per the educational qualifications, one needs to have a degree or certificate from a high school in Canada or a foreign equivalent.

The respective individual should have good proficiency in English or French and have a minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 4 certification. Finally, one needs to have enough funds to support himself and his family after settling in Canada. Whatever we have discussed applies both for high skill & immediate skill worker’s stream.

What makes us the differentiator-?

Here we have explained in a nutshell the overall process. We believe in educating our clients & making them get an understanding of the immigration process. We are proud of the professionals working with us to help every client in the best possible manner. We have in-depth knowledge about the immigration program, and we will try & ensure to make the overall process less complex. If you plan to reside permanently in this part of the world, you can always count on us.

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