The Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot Canada

The Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot Canada

The Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot is a community-driven program. It is designed to spread the advantages of economic immigration for smaller communities. It is done by creating a permanent residency pathway for skilled foreign workers eager to work & live in one of the participating communities.

An initiative To Stimulate Economic Growth

As per the dates, this Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot was launched in the year 2019 as a perfect initiative to stimulate economic growth in those particular areas by attracting skilled workers. The program is designed exclusively for communities in Ontario and Manitoba, Alberta, and British Columbia, Northwest Territories & Yukon.

The Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot Canada
The Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot Canada

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The Pilot Program

Canada is a country well known for accepting several immigrants. However, under the latest immigration system, most new immigrants choose to live near major cities. The cities of Toronto, along with Montreal & Vancouver, are highly sought after by immigrants.

The pilot program accepts applications from both rural & Northern communities eager to participate. The communities generally received support from a federal government to help them & identify & select the latest candidates for permanent residency.

The Newcomers in this Part of the World Creates Impact of Positivity

The newcomers are expected to create some impact of positivity on economic development. The program is built totally on Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, launched a couple of years before this program in 2017. The communities need to submit an economic development plan supported by a local development organization that generally manages the pilot. Communities also demonstrate that there are employment opportunities available for the newcomers and the aptitude to support newcomers’ critical settlements.

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