Canadian Immigration Entrepreneur Program

Canadian Immigration Entrepreneur Program

The Canadian Immigration Entrepreneur Program is designed exclusively to lure professional & experienced entrepreneurs intending to own and maneuver business here in Canada. The Canadian immigration programs are focused on making the Canadian economy proactive.

The immigration program is focused on creating a new job market for Canadian citizens & Canadian permanent residents. Individuals living in Quebec are not applicable for this program & they are advised to apply under Quebec Entrepreneur Program. As the application gets approved, the applicant’s family members, along with the applicant himself, can apply for a permanent Visa.

Applicants can either establish a new business or grab at least 33.3% equity in an existing & qualified Canadian trade. The company must create new employment position for a local citizen or an individual who already has received permanent residency.

Canadian Immigration Entrepreneur Program
Canadian Immigration Entrepreneur Program

The Eligibility Criteria:

  • Apart from Quebec, the applicant’s intended destination needs to be anywhere In Canada.
  • The applicant needs to have a minimum net worth of CAD 300,000, and this requires obtaining through legal procedures.
  • The respective applicants need to have a good experience of handling business.
  • One needs to show his experience that he has gathered through previous experience.
  • The applicant or his family members must not be found excluded from medical & security reasons.

Application Criteria:

Like all other immigration programs, one must qualify for a language test and the under Canadian Language Benchmark (CBL) 4 corresponding. To reflect the low cost of commencing a business & settling down in regional communities with a lesser population, the personal net worth and investment are less than the existing EI category. Before considering EI criteria, familiarize you with specific program criteria & checking the eligibility.

Our team will make the process seamless

As a professional service provider, we are duty-bound to help individuals immigrate without any significant hassle and commence business ideas. As a team, we are responsible for assisting these entrepreneurs in receiving advantages and educating them about the pathway to develop their business in a structured manner. After gaining success, advanced opportunities are designed, and we will help you know what these are how these protocols work.

If you have any difficulty understanding the immigration process, you are welcomed to get in touch with us and understand the overall process. Our team will put the best foot forward for you. Get in touch with us and check out the positives.

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