Provincial Entrepreneur Program Canada

Provincial Entrepreneur Program Canada

The Provincial Entrepreneurs program allows immigrants to seek advantage of the growing economic power and gain a permanent residency in Canada with their families. The entrepreneur program is administered by individual provinces and follows a two-step process towards permanent residence.

Applicants are first selected or nominated by the respective province

The applicants are chosen first, or a separate area sets them to meet the entire program requirement. Based on the particular nomination or selection, they can apply for citizenship and then immigrate to Canada to register as a permanent residence.

Most of the Provinces Manages Their Own Business Immigration Program

Numerous provinces manage their business immigration program requiring active participation in the business’s overall management based on specified investment & job creation. Selected candidates must sign a performance agreement and go ahead to apply for a work permit to enter Canada as a worker at first.

Provincial Entrepreneur Program Canada
Provincial Entrepreneur Program Canada

Other Criteria-

  • If performance agreement requirements are meted out at the end of a designated period, candidates receive a provincial nomination.
  • They apply for immigration or Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for permanent residency based on the selection of nomination criteria.
  • The program varies in requirement to qualify, but in general, they refer to a minimum net worth that falls in the range of CAD 500,000 to CAD 600,000.
  • At the same time, they need to have quality work experience.
  • Some programs at times require a goodwill deposit which is refundable once the business is established.
  • Under the provincial nominee program, applicants apply to gain the nomination from the respective province.
  • It is based on the nomination. Quite a few obtain permanent residency following criminality check & federal health.

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