Provincial Nominee Program Canada

Provincial Nominee Program Canada

Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP’s) offer a positive pathway towards Canadian permanent residence. Individuals interested in moving to a specified territory can apply for PNP. Each of the Canadian provinces, along with parts, operates its PNP designed to meet some specific economic and demographic needs.

Critical to Canada’s immigration policy

It is to be noted that PNP is a crucial part of Canada’s immigration policy, with nearly 25,000 individuals expected to gain Canadian permanent residence through PNP between the years 2021 & 2023. PNP is a rapidly growing economic Canadian immigration pathway. In recent years, the federal government has gradually increased the provinces for allocation of respective PNP’s.

Provincial Nominee Program Canada
Provincial Nominee Program Canada

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Ways to Apply For PNP

All decisions relating to immigration rests with the country’s federal government & not the provincial government. PNP has a two-part process. In the first stage, you need to apply to the province to gain the provincial nomination. After doing so, if you get approval, you need to submit the second application directly to the federal government for gaining residency status.

Processing Time For PNP

The processing largely depends on whether the application has been submitted or not under express entry linked PNP stream. There is another stream that is not connected with Express Entry. Applicants expect a processing period for the initial application to the province and add to it the additional processing period applicable for the final application for the federal government to gain permanent residency.

Maximum provinces brought their processing time down to few months, or it can even be weeks. For express entry liked the application, the outright processing time remains for six months. Non-express entry-linked applications at times are defined as paper-based applications. It usually takes time of one to two years to get completely processed.

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