Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

The Canadian experience class is applicable for skilled & experienced workers having expertise in specific skills & professions seeking permanent residency. Let us explain what it is all about to let our clients know a bit about it. CEC or Canadian Experience Class is an immigration program allowing the individual to immigrate permanently.

Who Can Apply For CEC

After he (make it they/plural, otherwise, you will need to write he/she again and again) has successfully proved himself or herself in his respective trade, they get the legitimacy to apply for permanent residency. It is to be noted that CEC falls under the Express Entry Immigration system. The country’s government has recognized the skills and the talent that individuals generally possess while lending their expertise to the country. To honor their hard work, authorities offer them the chance to accept permanent residency.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Keep reading to collect as much as you can from us.

  • Candidates having eligibility to apply for CEC should have at least a solitary year as a skilled worker. This experience will allow them to go the extra mile.
  • This is an incredible factor that falls under the aegis of CRS & these applicants access to CRS points for the experience they have gathered & this again allows good mileage.
  • As the required documentation is significantly less, Canadian Experience Class applications are processed rapidly.
  • The entire modus-operandi is maneuvered within a span of three to four months.
  • Applicants applying through the Canadian Experience Class will not have to show any significant proof for settlement funds.

Eligibility Criteria- Canadian Experience Class

  • Criteria-1

Individuals need to have full-time work experience for at least 12 months in Canada within the past three years. The background should have been gathered while he or she is on a valid work permit and should be in one or more occupations classified under type O, A, or B. This must fall under National Occupational Classification (NOC). Remember, the solitary years of experience are to be gained in a couple of different NOC codes.

  • Criteria-2

Plan on living outside the province of Quebec (Quebec offers some different criteria that are not applicable in other areas)

  • Criteria-3

One needs to meet the required language test that is highly needed to complete the job criteria. One needs to read, write and speak the language well. The language test is the final protocol in the eligibility criteria that allows one to settle in this part of the world finally.

If you are willing to live in Canada & have skilled professional experience, then CEC is a great option, and designing a positive roadmap for you, it better to get in touch with us. We have competent, ready to take up challenges. Right from explaining to you the overall process & making the application seamless, we will help you do the needful.

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