Federal Skilled Trades Program Canada

Federal Skilled Trades Program Canada

Canada offers three programs under express entry. Individuals seeking permanent residency status in this part of the world having expertise in skilled trades can apply through the federal skilled trade program. Our company has relevant experience of helping individuals willing to immigrate.

Generally, the process is a bit complex, but we will ensure to put the best foot forward so that the task becomes easier for you. Let us explain how the federal skilled trade program works and let you know the entire process in a nutshell.

Federal Skilled Trades Program Canada
Federal Skilled Trades Program Canada
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The Key Difference in Federal Skilled Trades Program & Other Express Entry

The primary difference between the federal skilled trades program and other express entry programs is the applicant’s critical requirement. He or she will have the legitimacy to document the eligibility as a professional tradesperson. The entire progression is based on classification & information available through the 2016 National Occupational Classification. There are several classifications, and if you seek help from us, we will explain all the parameters for you.
All application federal skilled trades program need to have a valid & current job offer & that gets placed for a solitary year. If not, a valid Canadian certificate of qualification is issued by federal, territorial, or provincial authorities.

Need to Read Write & Speak English Well

Individuals applying for the program need to write, read and speak well in English & listen to English & French to meet up Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level five. This critical information is to be submitted with the application in the form of a test result from permitted testing. The language test results are valid for a couple of years from the date of the test and need to be current as the applications are submitted.

Individuals Applying Will Not Have To Meet All Key Requirements

Individuals applying for the skilled federal trades program are not required to meet the specified requirement regarding educational levels. However, those having degrees & certifications or any diploma program from Canadian or foreign schools should submit this information to increase points for achieving ranks within the pool. Individuals securing high positions are selected for an invitation to apply for permanent residency.

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