Federal Skilled Workers Program Canada

Federal Skilled Workers Program Canada

We are a professional immigration consultant allowing individuals to settle in Canada. We are capable of understanding the complexities and ensuring that our clients receive genuine service. Our professionals are agile & proactive to help our clients receive valued help. Like several other immigration program we allow individuals to go through the federal skilled workers program in a smooth and error free manner.

Federal Skilled Workers Program Canada
Federal Skilled Workers Program Canada

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Having Expertise in Specified Jobs

Individuals who are skilled workers should have expertise in specified jobs & can apply for permanent immigration to Canada based on their respective status as skilled workers. The entire process works through the online platform and documents are submitted with the online application.

The Specific Criteria to Apply For the Program

There are quite a few specific criteria to apply for the program and it is very vital to review all the given information and then only select federal skilled worker program only if all key criteria are meted out. Individuals applying through Federal skilled workers Program need to meet criteria relating to education along with language and off course the work experience criteria.

The Applicant is also based on language Proficiency & Age

After submitting all the details the applicant is assessed based on age along with language and English proficiency or French proficiency. An individual is assessed out of 100 points and this developed through a grid and to pass one needs to score quantum points.

The Past Task of the Applicant Needs to Be Displayed

To be considered as a skilled worker the applicants past work must be displayed as a portfolio. The job must fall under the criteria of professional jobs along with technical skills, management as defined under NOC (National Occupational Classification). The work criteria must include all key essential duties outlined for specified position. In addition individuals need to cater details on the main duties listed for the given expertise.

The Educational certification

The applicant needs to show some proof regarding their educational qualification. This can include a certificate along with a diploma program or a degree from a school in Canada. One can also provide credentials along with Educational Credential Assessment for foreign Diplomas. Remember all these are offered by means of a comparable program in Canada.

The Language Requirement

To meet the ultimate requirement one needs to read write and speak well in English. This requirement is based on the CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) and the minimum score that you need to score is 7. The test is valid for the communing couple of years from the date of completion and only valid test results are accepted for application.

We treat all our clients with integrity and we respect them by offering personalized service & professional guidance. We take great personal pride at offering clients with tailored legal presentations ensuring transparent treatment. We will work hand in hand to ensure that you are granted status in Canada.  Having operated in this country for a long time we always put the best foot forward for our clients.

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