Self Employed Program Canada

Self Employed Program Canada

Are you are interested in taking up any self-employed profession in this part of the world, as an artisan or farmer? In that case, you are eligible to obtain a business immigrant Visa for yourself & your family. This is one of the most lucrative options for individuals eager to run independently and establish a positive footprint.

Federal Self-Employed Program-

With the usage of a point-based grading system, one can access the eligibility criteria of business immigration applicants. The federal Self-Employed Person Program requires the applicant to possess a couple of years of relevant work experience within the respective field as proof that they can get a status of being self-employed in any of the Canadian provinces apart from Quebec.


Self Employed Program Canada
Self Employed Program Canada

Eligibility requirement for Self Employed Persons Program

  • Foreign nationals will have to meet the definition of the Canadian government of self-employed individuals who are ordered to proclaim themselves as eligible.
  • A self-employed individual is defined as having relevant self-employed experience in athletic or any cultural activities.
  • Relevant experiences need to be of at least a couple of years either in self-employment or participating at world events defined & set forth by IRCC.

Provincial Nominee Programs for Self Employed Workers

If a particular applicant wishes to settle in any province, they may choose to apply under the Provincial Nominee Program’s self-employed stream. Remember, each territory & area has its own set of rules & regulations. They even have their selection criteria though there are a few eligibility overlaps witnessed in other business streams.

  • Qualifications-

To qualify as a self-employed individual, you need to have a couple of years of relevant experience and display your intent to become a self-employed individual in Canada. In simple words, the interested candidates need to meet the overall eligibility requirement to qualify for the self-employed program.

  • Should Have Secured Financial Condition-

However, any applicant applying for this proven program needs to establish a positive notion about his/her financial status. The applicant and his family members should have enough funds to sustain themselves in this part of the world. There is no regulated net worth requirement for the self-employed person program.

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