Family Sponsorship Program Canada

Family Sponsorship Program Canada

Your spouse, conjugal partner, common-law partner, or dependent children may drop applications to apply to gain permanent residency status in Canada. Depending on who exactly is the sponsor, numerous eligibility criteria are to be meted. If you meet the requirements under family sponsorship, you will be the sole person responsible for supporting your family members financially. Make sure that family members do not require any social assistance from the government bodies.

Qualifications for immigrating to Canada

As far as age qualification are concerned & for immigration status in Canada, one needs to be Canadian citizens & permanent resident. The individual registered in Canada as Indian should be under the Indian act. It would help if you displayed that you are not receiving any social assistance for a reason other than that of social disability. It would help if you showed you could provide all the basic needs for the individual you want to sponsor.

Family Sponsorship Program Canada
Family Sponsorship Program Canada

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The Other Key Formalities

In the case of a common-law partner who is not legally married, you must attain at least 18 years of age. The couple needs to live together for at least 12 consecutive months before the final date of application. Conjugal partners are also couples not legally married, and they too need to attain the age of 18, and they too need to be in a relationship with you for at least a year.

The conjugal partner should reside in another country. They cannot live with you in their own country due to some challenges & significant legal immigration reasons. If you have different children, you need to ensure that they are less than 22 years. The child must remain unmarried during the application & should not be in any relationship.

How our immigration consultants can help you out

Our immigration consultants are ready to help you out so that both you & your family avail an optimistic pathway for immigration. You can sponsor your common partner or spouse, parents, or grandparents to land up in Canada without any significant hassle. We will complete the entire family sponsorship application package for you. It is to be noted that family sponsorship is a popular category in Canada under which one can obtain permanent residency status.

With us, our clients will get the right to fill out a quick & easy online assessment, and this is sent directly to a lawyer working exclusively for us. More importantly, we can provide a swift & personalized solution that makes the overall immigration process easy right from the beginning till the end. We try & cater top-notch services regardless of who or where you are based in the world.

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